Friday, 10 October 2014


Here's what companies are saying about the Exacticide:

My name is Gina and together with my husband we own Nature’s Way Natural Pest Control. We have been in business since 1999 and we have tried a lot of equipment over the years, but none has compared to the efficiency, durability, dependability and versatility of the Exacticide duster. We now have several ​Exacticide ​dusters that we use daily in our natural treatment services that are in excess of 8 years old and still working in perfect condition. The ​Exacticide requires very little care and it is easy to service and clean with just a little compressed air. The Exacticide has paid for itself 100 times over. If you ever happen to have any issues with the tool, all you have to do is send it back to Technicide and they will repair it and return it to you with as little downtime as possible. With all the ​Exacticide's I own, I have only had to send one back once over the past 8 years since I have been using them. Jim and the Technicide team are always there to assist you in any way they can and most important, they are honest and trustworthy and in this day and age, you know that that is a rare find. If you are not using the Technicide I suggest that you purchase one and see just how your business efficiency and profits improves. They have a risk free guarantee that is real. You will not regret it.
Gina, Nature’s Way Natural Pest Control, Inc.

When I first saw the Exacticide I bought it---reluctantly---as I am Scotch, Irish, and a Doubting Thomas at heart.   
I have relied on it heavily the last year, and have not only become a believer, but I would not be without it now.   
My product costs have been cut in half and it is reliable, dependable, and can't be pried out of my hands, now!" 
Lee Brown, State of the Art Pest Control

“The Exacticide is awesome, I don’t know what I ever did without it. We have found that the Exacticide has cut our cost by 70%, plus it gives us continual flow of just the right amount of dust into voids, cracks, and crevices in a manner that other dusters could not.”
Best Pest Control in Mass. Ron

“I refuse to work without Technicide Equipment.” 
Nozzle Nolen Pat Walsh

“We have one Exacticide and it is everything you said it would be, everyone it in the company is fighting over it. We need 10 more.”   
Bryan Duncan  D’s Pest Control  Lubbock, TX

“The Exacticide is the best thing that has happened to the Pest control Industry in over 20 years. In addition to it’s vast capabilities our chemical cost has dropped 40%.”  
Joe Naimo AAA Pest Control Washington

“ The Exacticide allows me the ability to do Carpenter Ant work with ease in areas that were nearly impossible to reach before.  The price of the unit is insignificant when compared to it capabilities and chemical cost savings. It’s a real money maker.” 
Bill Johnson, A1 Extermination Michigan

“I love it! It paid for itself in only 5 jobs.” 
Agate Pest Control, Calif. Tony Martinez